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SimpleQpons was founded on the idea of being different from everyone else, simple for you and still profitable!  Our goal at SimpleQpons is to give you the best fundraising product to sell.  This is why our book is filled with all local merchants and great deals in your area.  Including all of your favorites in the community- dining options, sweet treats and fun family activities!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What makes you different from other coupon books I've seen?

A:  Each book contains tons of  BOGO and 1/2 OFF deals.  Not your average coupon book!

Q:  Do we buy a certain amount of books to start?

A:  There are ZERO upfront cost or set up fees to get you going

Q:  How many books do we need to sell and how much do we make?

A:  You make 50% profit from every book sold without having to hit a minimum!

Q:  Do you offer any incentives?

A:  Of course we do!  See below...

"We've been doing this fundraiser for a few years and LOVE it!.. Something for everyone! Just use a couple of coupons and it's paid for itself!  "

- John Wood PTO

"Give back to the community that supports you."

-Owner of Mastersque Barbecue-

"Mike has been a delight to work with.  The fundraising is easy and we love the businesses being local. Also, it is easy money for our PTO."

Christa McAluiffe PTO